Ripped Jeans – DIY 
Hey everyone – hope you’re having a good week so far! It’s so strange because Mondays usually suck but yesterday I had a really nice day! Haha I hope this is how Mondays will be from now on. Anyway this look is what I wore at the weekend – I got this Rubber Placement ASOS Shirt and I am over the moon with it. The material, the cut, the collar! I just really like every aspect of it. It’s perfect because It’s a plain white shirt under a coat or a jacket but then when the sleeves come out you see the contrast design and It just gives that extra something. 
I decided to whip out some shades too because although it’s cold here in London – It can also get really sunny! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can see me talk about fashion, my life and I sometimes have some guests on it too! (click here) Let me know what you think of my channel and If you have any video requests just let me know 🙂
Have an awesome week guys and I’ll see you most probably on Friday!
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