Youth Knows No Pain

Been relaxing for the past few days, just seeing friends and going to the cinema and all the usual stuff! I found those Totoro playing cards in my room the other day, i remember they were a gift off my friend Tom! I’ve still not opened them, they’re too pretty! I’ve been obsessing over Jeremy Scott Adidas stuff lately, along with many other things. Tumblr has been annoying me lately, sick of seeing the same stuff recycled around, we need something new to look at. The first image i posted was from a shoot last week for an upcoming clothing line being set up in Manchester! Their website and images should be up soon and i’ll post all about it. In that picture i’m wearing their Britney Spears T-shirt, It’s a picture of Britney when she shaved all her hair off lying down being taken into an ambulance, it’s amazing.

Ps. Hello to all my new followers! Thanks for following 🙂