You’re so Honest

Leather Satchel – Ebay

Foxtail – Virginblak

Oversized Cobweb Snood – ASOS

Spikes – Afflecks
Realising that I’m going to Leeds Festival from the 25th to the 30th of August and then going to London on the 1st, I wont really have alot of time to post about Autumn essentials. So here are two pieces I’ll be wearing over Autumn. The Leather satchel was only £16 off ebay, i’ve seen the same satchel recently in Urban Outfitters for £100 or something ridiculous! So go to Ebay! It fits A4 booklets and has a pocket at the front, my foxtail follows me wherever I go and is now attached to my satchel! It’s so bushy every time I look at it I feel like a fox. The Cobweb Snood was £18 from ASOS last year I think, it’s for any outfit, especially if it’s cold. It can be worn in so many different ways, from a Hood, to a Scarf, to a Cardigan/Shrug/shawl kind of thing haha, I’ll do some outfit posts soon. I’m in desperate need of lots of new clothes for Autumn/Winter , I may end up blowing all of my Student Finance on extravagant pieces :'( OH! and the Spikes are just some i have left over and i’m not sure where to put them! I will tell you what i do with them though, don’t worry!