You’re not good enough

My pooch Keoni haha 

Reversible bomber jacket Vintage /Oversized Tee – eBay /Sprayon Skinny Jeans – Topman / Chain Sandals – Givenchy

Did you spot my dog? He’s a Yorkshire terrier named Keoni. I never really smile on outfit pictures because I dislike my face haha, (but it’s not about my face it’s about the clothes. I do however love this bomber jacket, the orange on the inside makes me feel comfortable because it’s hidden? I mean it is reversible but I haven’t ever worn it orange side out… It is a bit too warm like it’s perfect to throw on but after about 20 minutes I’m sweating buckets and immediately take it off. I think it’s been stuffed with too much wadding? It was from the Vintage section in Topman if you wanted to pick one up but this style is available from everywhere so shouldn’t be too hard to find.
The best thing about all of this though is the Givenchy Sandals, the sole…. oh my god the sole. If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you can check this image to see the details (here). They were actually from Givenchy mens SS13 but were never produced at that time so here they are this season in all their awesomeness. A hybrid between a trainer and a sandal they’re really nice to wear and quite eye-catching. I love black & silver so they’re literally perfect. Like who needs more sandals? Ever? 
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