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Cheers Vice!

I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday season, but i am so glad to be back at university. I love being independent and having my own house with people my age. I’ve been thrown head first back into work and i feel so busy already, just trying to keep on top of everything! I’m just going to mention afew things from my christmas break like that fact that i got a laptop?! A Macbook Pro to be exact and it is A-MAZING. I’ve never had a laptop before and to go straight to this kind of excellency is kind of making me find disgust in any windows pc/laptop. they’re icky.

I think my favourite thing about it is photo-booth haha i regularly post pictures of my ugly mug on my tumblr now and it’s where i’ve been posting my favourites from Milan, Paris and London Fashion weeks so if you don’t have a tumblr you should get one and follow me, click.
OH YEAH and i dyed my hair, well my sister did, on new years eve. The first application of bleach turned my dull brown hair to a whitish/ pale yellow. It was nice for awhile but as the brassy yellow crept back i began to hate it. So my sister bleached it again and i dyed it lilac! and as the lilac has washed out its become a very nice white! So i’m happy, though i already have roots appearing, i’m going to put them off for as long as i can though because bleach HURTS.
Oh and i think everyone with a blog should join the VICE blogging network ( see the picture on the right hand section of my blog?) Just before Christmas i recieved a generous £25 gift voucher for Topshop from VICE for being their little bitch in the blogging world haha, but i didn’t mind, because they actually give me interesting things to post! Though i do strive to keep all my content personal.