You Learn Alot More From Satan

White Sheer Shirt – H&M, Brown Leather Harness – ASOS

Tooth Earring – DIY, Fur Epaulette Duffel Coat – DIY

Two Finger Ring – H&M, Faux Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring – Ebay, Fang Ring – Topman

Leather Satchel – Ebay, Foxtail Keyring – Ebay

Draped Graphic Print Harem Trousers – Ebay

Leggings – H&M, 8-Hole Lace Ups – Dr.Martens

It’s Christmas day and i’m not feeling it all, here’s an outfit from afew days ago, the snow has frozen rock solid and everywhere is cold, even my house! I Got the best BAH-HUMBUG Hat from work, it’s a black santa hat and i think i love it. I’ll put a picture up later, i’ve started loading my outfit posts on Flickr as it’s a better host than Photobucket. I cannot wait to go on a shopping spree with Christmas money, also a laptop should be on its way, regular posting from University yay! I’ve just posted a new look to Lookbook even though I don’t really go on Lookbook anymore as it sickens me how under-appreciated the most interesting, individual looks are. I Just thought i’d pop it on to let more people know about my blog. I’ll be posting the DIY of the Fur Epaulette Duffel Coat in afew days! Hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas even though i’m not quite sure what Christmas actually is anymore.