Faux Chanel Tee – 5Preview
Tapered Sweatpants – Virginblak
Oatmeal Hoody – American Apparel
Duffel Coat – F&F
Spike Studded Dr.Martens – Ebay

Last few weeks of University now, i have an assessment today, an essay and another assessment before christmas then i’m done! I need to start my christmas shopping and figure out what to get everyone D: i like giving gifts to people, especially when it makes them happy ^__^

I haven’t even thought of what i would like for Christmas, i really don’t ‘need’ anything. I sort of have everything i need?

Anyway, it’s freezing cold so i’m layering up lots 🙂 What do you wear when it’s cold?
I’ll be putting more stuff on the blog shop this week seeing as you guys have bought quite alot of stuff!