Workout Plan

Motocross Sweatpants – Adidas x Jeremy Scott
I’m quite nervous/excited for the next 2 months…i have so much to fit into them and i don’t know how i’m going to manage it all. I have to work as much as i can to earn money for summer including all the major events such as the Summer Ball and the end of year beach party. I’ve got an Essay on Post-modernism to write, an hour long production to finish and perform plus an exhibition to put on. WHILST moving house for my third year of University and going to london for 6 weeks for an internship. Also trying to celebrate my birthday at some point inbetween…..hmmm. Actually writing it down makes it seem abit less overwhelming….! 
Hail the Jeremy Scott Motocross sweatpants, nabbed on ebay in a size medium! Which was lucky as most of them are always large or even extra large. Even the medium is abit big on me, i’ve never ever seen a small on ebay though :'(. 
I only ever wear skinny jeans, grey ones which i’ve had for two years and black ones that i’ve had for about 7 months now. So i thought it was time to invest in a pair of sweatpants/warm trousers.
I have to go to work now! Hope you’re all having a nice weekend!