Witch-Hunts are best in the dark.

Sorry for the bad quality image, but I recently purchased this satchel off ebay and I cannot stop taking it with me EVERYWHERE I go. People either love or hate my foxtail but i for one love it, it’s soft and I like to play with it. I went to Slam Dunk festival on Sunday. It was good fun, some drinks, some bands I used to be in love with, it was nice just seeing everyone that I’d not seen for ages. I had never seen so many tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, shaved hair, sunglasses, skinny jeans in my LIFE. I was the only one with a baseball jacket and a satchel though, sporting my giant quiff. I got stared at alot but I didnt give two hoots. I’ll post a picture when Danielle posts her disposable pictures. OH I almost forgot to say that I drove there, it was strange doing a long trip on the motorway but I raced my friend and we played about in the fast lane haha, overall a good time. Now for Revision…. stupid exams!