Wishing well

Faded Green American Apparel Hoody – Borrowed from Amy :’)
Faux Chanel Tee – 5Preview
Black Jersey Harem Pants – American Apparel
Studded Dr.Martens, Satchel, Foxtail – Ebay
Studded Rucksack – Virginblak

I’ve gone from Gwen Stefani to listening to Blink 182’s new stuff and lots and lots of HipHop/RnB, I don’t know what my ears want from me, what i do when i find a band/song i like, i overplay it, i play it so much that i get sick of it and move on to my next victim. I’m forever getting new music and i feel like it’s a never-ending cycle.

Anyway! haha It’s mid-week and i’ve got a lot of shifts coming up at work, trying to save up lots of money to see my friends and hopefully go to the Versace + H&M Launch in London in November! Anyone else going to Queue up extra early? Let me know! ^__^

The indian summer is over i think, meaning Autumn can resume! I’ve got a pile of clothes to take pictures of and i’m going to set up a blog-shop over the next few days! There’s only one of everything so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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