Snapback – Chicago Bulls 

Rottweiler Sweater – Givenchy 
Leigh Skinny Jeans – Topshop 
Studded Dr.Martens – Ebay 
Studded Backpack – Ebay 
What is this?! High quality pictures i hear you say?! haha My boyfriend very kindly let me borrow his DSLR, i’m getting to grips with using it and have been trying to use it as much as possible, i don’t have a tripod or anything so it’s hard to get full outfit shots! My lovely friend and colleague Marie took some street shots of me though ^_^!

3 Days until the Katie Eary SS13 Salon Show!!!!!!!! Hopefully i can take pictures backstage too!
then on Sunday i’ve got tickets for Cassette Playas Digital Presentation!! Then Katies afterparty is on the sunday! THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!

I’ve got so many pictures to edit and upload but i hardly have any time to do it, i will try my best! I’m going to a Sorapol event tonight, i’ll hopefully post about it tomorrow ^_^!

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PS. Thinking of selling my H&M x Versace Jacket on ebay! Anyone interested before i put it on there?