White Diamonds

High Shine Claw Ring – Forever21
Duffel Coat – F&F
Oatmeal Hoody – American apparel
Longsleeve Studded Tee – Yesstyle

So glad that it’s friday, 4 more days of University left next week then i’m doneeeee! Hurrah!
Going Christmas shopping this weekend whilst trying to write a 2500 word essay haha, oh the joy U_U.

I’m working the Snow Ball tonight, i paid to go to it last year, i’m glad i’m getting paid to go this time haha! We have some awful acts performing, i may have a headache by the end of the night.

Check out the box of Nerds i got with ma boy last weekend! He ate all of his straight away, i still have most of mine left :’) eh eh. Not had Nerds since i was little, they taste like fun…? haha