Whip It

Cage Jacket – Adidas x Jeremy Scott (stolen from my boyfriend ^_^)
Cat Print tee – Katie Eary
Skinny Leigh Jeans – Topshop
Studded Dr.Martens – Ebay
Back down south now (*^o^*)! University starts again tomorrow weooooow T_T. Had a lovely 2 weeks off for easter! I cant wait for the summer to begin now! I cannot believe that my second year of uni is nearly over.
Anyway see the little Gundam wing guys, they’re there because i may have just purchased a Ground Zero Gundam tee (!*o*!) I’ll show you guys this week, also won a very sneaky bid on ebay!
PLUS! i’m gonna be having a massive clear out of my wardrobe this week and i’m gonna offer it up to my readers before i put it on ebay, some customised one off pieces/korean items/sold out stuff! I want to have as little in my wardrobe as possible and i’d rather see the pieces go to a good home ^_^!
Hope you’re all okay!
oh and special thanks to Galaxy x Girl Emmie Wheeler! ^_^ She did a post on her ‘Favourite Boy Bloggers’ and included me! You can check out the post here!