What’s up Croc?

Faux Crocodile Skin Doctors Bag – Topman, Faux Foxtail -Ebay

Faux Crocodile Skin Wallet – H&M
On completing my media essay today and basking in the sunlight of my garden, i would like to present to you my animal findings. Although the bag and wallet are from different shops they’re exactly the same material, plus the wallet was like 3quid? So i thought, Why not! I rarely match things but THIS just had to happen. The fox tail has initiated many discussions at college and such catchphrases to be hurled at me from the chavs, eg. “ERR WHY’S THERE A DEAD FERRET ON YOUR BAG?” to “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR DOG?!”. Whilst creeping some people out, it’s spent many a lunchtime being adored by classmates haha. One trip to Manchester caused a middle aged man with a moustache to tap me on the shoulder and say “is that a real badgers tail!?” his excitement startled me. I absolutely adore my foxtail and had to do many tests to make sure it wasn’t real and i can confirm that it is not. I would be disgusted in myself to have a real animal appendage hanging off me or my bag. One hilarious fact is that when it arrived in February the Fox tail came with different keyrings to put on it and one was a phone charm, somehow i think i would get even stranger looks with it attatched to my blackberry haha. Now that i’ve shared my matching bag and wallet with you, i must return to revision.