What Really Matters….

I wrote a total of 8 blog posts in 2018 and that is absolutely shocking – it feels so odd to be sat down typing my thoughts rather than expressing them in a youtube video but I do miss this and I will make every effort to write more this year. Gallucks.com has a fresh new lick of paint and I’ve cut out everything that made it seem cluttered, it’s now just my videos, blog posts and a place to shop my instagram looks. Have a little look around – I hope that you like it! I’ve just got back from Bali where I had an incredible time, it allowed me to unwind and take some proper time off (one factor being that I broke my iphone whilst being out there which forced me to actually take time off from Social media haha). Aside from all of that I’ve been having a think about everything that I’ve been doing with my career and about my generation as a whole and thought I’d write it all down for you (and for myself).

I feel like I’ve been going 1000mph since I left University, my career has been the top of my agenda (and it still is) except now it’s joined by other things. Balance is hard to achieve but it’s all about priorities. I’ve had a less than ‘regular’ career path. Those of you who have followed me along the way will know I graduated University in Performing Arts and then proceeded to get a job in Fashion Styling, quitting to pursue my hobby of fashion blogging. 3 years later here I am.

Although my job is quite peculiar I’m no different than everyone else my age, I feel like us millennials all put a huge pressure on ourselves – to make waves in the workplace, strive for greatness, accelerate our lives, earn big bucks and live that boujee lifestyle. The internet has given a lot of people a gateway to a new career path which is so inspiring but also puts an added pressure on those who aren’t. If we’re not a 19 year old youtube beauty guru earning six figures a month what are we even doing with our lives? And that’s not meant to come across shady, It’s incredible that in this day and age that is a possibility but on the flip side we shouldn’t feel inferior if we’re not in that position.

I wrote down a list of everything I’ve achieved this year and although I’m so proud of myself and what I’ve done,  I’m not going to write it all here because I’m not looking for praise. I realised that although it’s important to make moves in your career and push for the life you want at the end of the day it’s not what makes you truly happy.

Money is a tool, you earn it spend it. What’s the point in working yourself to the bone for the whole of your life only to realise all the good bits passed you by?

Honestly what makes you truly happy is already right infront of you, friends, family and loved ones I don’t mean to sound like a massive hippy but Time is more important than money as it’s something you can’t get it back. Giving someone your time, your full attention, listening to them and talking to them being with them in the moment is so fulfilling and can put the biggest smile on your face. Bigger than any paycheck.

2017 was a really tough year for me emotionally but it shaped who I am today, It got me ready for 2018 and I came at it with a whole new outlook – I made sure this year to make time for loved ones, friends and most importantly myself. Little moments like going for a drink with my friends, nights at home with Scott watching movies, speaking to my mum and sister on the phone catching her up on their lives. These moments might seem insignificant to others compared with career leaps but we shouldn’t take them for granted because they’re the moments that we should treasure.

I feel like us millennials expect so much straight away, all the time. I guess it’s the nature of the internet, instant gratification, instant digital connections. We mirror it with our careers, we expect to be super successful at such a young age. It’s crazy how much pressure we put on ourselves. We’re kind of missing out on our lives, the relationships we have, our childhood – I feel like such an old man saying this but honestly I pushed myself so much from 21 – 25 I don’t even know where those years went and I’m only 26 haha.

I’m a stern believer in you get out what you put in, put in the effort, working at something for a long time and you will eventually reap the rewards.

I think a lot of us will get to a certain age and realise we can’t get those years back. We’re still so young and it’s ok to fail, it’s the only way we can learn and grow. Wow this is so deep haha I’ve not written anything for awhile and I feel like I’m getting carried away but what I’m trying to say is it’s the little things that lead your way to success. Small victories, small accomplishments everyday over time equate to big achievements and although we should strive for greatness at all times we’re each on our own individual journey and that everything is a-ok.



Welcoming 2019 with open arms,

Joel Aka Gallucks