Weekend Wars

Cross Ring – Ebay, Skull ring – H&M, Talon Ring – Asos

Suede Brogues-Asos, Black 8 hole lace ups – Dr.Martens,
Studded Top – Yesstyle, Embellished Shoulder Tee – H&M,
Ripped Spray on Jeans – Topman, Monochromatic Harems – H&M,
Faux Wang Sunglasses – Asos

I’m off to my friends for the weekend! Thought i’d share with you the insides of my weekend bag.I’m going to see my Tori,who i’ve not seen in ages! Next week i’ll be posting another shoot that me and some friends are doing on monday and then wednesday i’m off to london for the Vice Magazine, Kopperberg Klash finalists event! Busy Busy week!