Waking The Witch

Joanne and Ema
Cozzis Tattoo
Joannes Heels
Lunch at Brick Lane
Joanne and Emas Shoes

This weekend i went to visit my friend Ema (her hair is purdy) in London, we went to portobello market, camden town, brick lane and spitalfield markets all in the space of two days! I’ve been rushed off my feet and i’m going to drive back to Manchester tomorrow, can’t wait to go home and see some family and friends. The only thing i bought in London was a T-shirt and i got some new jewelry off Asos on the day i left, i’ll post them up soon. My friend Joanne got the best studded heels from Camden! Plus Cozzis’ new tattoo is beautiful (see above!) At the moment i’m in one of those moods where i hate everyone/everything. I’m going to crawl into bed and watch Kikis Delivery Service.