Photography by Tom Buck

Velvet Kimono – ASOS*(Similar)

Hoodie – BytheR

Ripped Skinny Jeans – ASOS*

Chelsea Boots – Marco Cooc*

A lot of people that I know hate the feel of velvet, I don’t necessarily love the feel of it myself but I do love the way the material soaks up the light. Working in a fashion photography studio nearly everyday last year really taught me about what kind of materials photograph well or how certain fabrics react to different lighting situations. Velvet always came up as soaking up all the light, appearing dark and luxurious – this ASOS Velvet Kimono does just that, in these images you can really see the texture of the material.

Aside from the look of the fabric, the Kimono shape plays a huge roll in this outfit, the wide sleeves are loose enough to wear on top of my oversized hoodie, creating a tiered layering effect. I find this outfit quite flattering on the lower half, since the top half is so heavily layered it creates the illusion that my legs are quite skinny (it also helps that the whole outfit is black too). Finishing off with my grey suede Chelsea Boots but this time from Marco Cooc.

At the same time as giving off Monk/Wizard vibes I actually felt really comfortable in this outfit, I think I feel most comfortable when I’m cloaked in all black with skinny jeans – it just feels right? aha. Anyway I hope you like this outfit and as always all the links to each item is just below the first image. Also if you’re interested I’m currently running a giveaway for a pair of Adidas Tubular Doom over on my Instagram if you want to enter check the details here.

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