In Collaboration with Videdressing
Photography by Mikko Puttonen
Response Trail 2 Sneakers – Raf Simons x Adidas (from Videdressing.co.uk)*
Hey Guys! Hope you’re having a good weekend! You may have seen my Raf Simons x Adidas sneakers quite a lot on my Instagram and my Snapchat etc. I wanted to explain to you guys the process of how I got them! I actually got them through Videdressing.co.uk in their luxury section here.  I’d heard of Videdressing.co.uk before, working in e-commerce you get to be aware of what’s going on in the online market. It’s kind of like eBay but better in that they only sell clothes and it’s all certified in that you know it’s genuine pieces you’re purchasing. You can also sell your own pieces and the website cuts out your product shot for you. A Nice little touch which makes the whole user experience a lot cleaner.
I was browsing the site and saw that someone had put up a pair of the Raf Sneakers for sale, in my size, brand new, never been worn for €360 and knew I had to have them! I’ve mentioned the sneakers before onYouTube and Instagram etc, it was like fate? Anyway I went ahead and purchased them and received them within 4 days, I then had to confirm whether I was satisfied with the product etc. before the seller could even get the money from the transaction. I think this is a really good way of selling/buying from random people online as with eBay and things like that there is a lot of mess in terms of returns/paypal etc. 
I was so happy that I could finally get these sneakers and that the whole Videdressing experience was easy, positive and really quick.
Why don’t you check it out and see what you think? Shop more mens Luxury sneakers here.
Let me know if you use it or have used it before! If so, What did you buy?! 
Also can we please note the pigeon picture!!! :’)