White Kimono Hoodie – Underated* / Haunted Tee – Aeon Elysium / Biker Jeans – Yesstyle/ 
Rings – Joshuahalls/ Zip Creepers Underground – ASOS
I got this Kimono hoodie at the Underated launch on thursday and it’s pretty awesome, I like the cut and how the back falls so low. I think I would be able to wear it more if it was black because I’m really afraid of getting white clothing dirty… aha You can see their Instagram here
Also featuring another sneak peek of a tee from my new collection for Aeon Elysium, this scary face is based on Haunter the ghost type Pokemon ^.^ what do you think?
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I’m off to Greenwich market today with my friends.
Also what’s everyones thoughts on Vlogging? I have a youtube account but I hardly ever make videos but thought maybe it’s something I could start doing…
I would have no idea what my videos would be about so any help at all would be greatly appreciated, just leave a comment below or contact me on any of my social media. Username is Gallucks for most things!