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Furniture featured Made.Com – Chicago Floor Lamp*, Dip Dye Bed Linen*, Hive Pendant

Furniture Featured from IKEA – Algot Storage System, MALM bed

Hey everyone, a bit of a different post here on Gallucks.com today and that is to show you guys another passion of mine – Interiors. Now if you watch my YouTube videos or have seen the inside of my flat over on snapchat then you might have seen my bedroom or the lounge. When we first moved into this flat it was a mess – ugly carpets, old wallpaper the rooms hadn’t seen any love in what seemed like years. I’ve always spent lots of time looking at interiors on Instagram/Pinterest and dreamt of one day decorating my own room. The trouble with being a student or renting is that you can’t paint, change or decorate the property how you want to unless you put your own money into it. Now living in central London there is no possible way I would’ve been able to do this if I wasn’t lucky enough to be renting off my friend who actually owns the flat that we live in. So in this circumstance I’m very fortunate in that I can do whatever the hell I like to my room. It’s taken a long time (we moved in August 2015) but my room is finally complete (kind of), so I wanted to show you guys the finished product.

Armed with my Pinterest boards and a bit of savings I scoured the internet for furniture/homeware stores that could fulfil my minimalistic vision. I made many a trip to Ikea, ummed and ahhed over what bed frame to get, what layout would my room be and everything in-between. I then came across Made.com, an online furniture store that sells to you directly from the makers themselves, so the furniture is affordable and unique. Their pieces were awesome and just what I had been looking for, I ended up getting in touch with them and they told me about their own platform Made Unboxed. It’s basically a way for you to share what your home looks like and also see what other peoples homes look like (win, win). You can see my profile here.

I set out on a mission to curate my room in the way that I’d been wanting it to be for so long. My friends now refer to my room as ‘the store’ because everything is out in the open. My clothing isn’t stored inside a wardrobe because I hate the thought of hiding all my clothes from plain sight. I end up forgetting about them, yknow? the majority of my clothing is black so once you fold all that away and put it in a wardrobe it all blends into one. Instead I saw this storage system from Ikea called ‘Algot’ (here) and thought it would be perfect for my inside out wardrobe fantasy.

The last 6 months have been a never-ending race to get my room finished, when I was working at Net-A-Porter last year and blogging at the same time it was extremely difficult to attempt to get stuff done. Having said that it’s been a really fun experience but one thing I’ve learnt about decorating a room is that IT’S NEVER FINISHED. There’s always something that can be changed, always something else that can be bought and always something you can get rid of. It’s a never-ending cycle and I don’t know how interior designers do it.

Made.com very kindly sent over their photographer to capture what my finished room/flat looked like. There are some things that just couldn’t get done in time like my ‘office’ chair is just a chair that was here when we moved in that my flatmate now uses to dye her and her friends hair with (yay/eyeroll). The day of the shoot we actually had a dining room table delivered that was far too big for our kitchen so that kind of ruled out that room (it was extremely heavy and there wasn’t anywhere else to put it aha). But aside from that I’m really happy with the lounge and my bedroom.

There are also some obligatory pictures of me playing with (1 of our) cat(s) Kiko who is very well behaved in front of the camera. I’ll be doing a bedroom tour over on my YouTube channel (here) soon so don’t forget to subscribe! As always, if you have any questions please do ask and let me know what you think of my room in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

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