Turning Tables

Boy London T-Shirt – Ebay

My hair is a different colour everyday, it’s so funny, this is more of a hair post than a clothing post haha, i keep throwing purples, pinks and silvery hues on it but nothing lasts too long which is actually quite good as i get tired of things easily. I cut my fringe and the fallen pieces of hair fell into some sort of geometric constellation. I would like a haircut soon though as i want less hair to deal with haha. University is has been eating up most of my time recently, inbetween watching films, eating and posting pictures of my hair on tumblr not much else has been going on. I’d seen that Boy London top in Urban Outfitters but for £35 i couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a t shirt, so i found one on ebay for £12? which i thought was much more reasonable. In the last picture you can see my new guilty pleasure, faux Givenchy mens sandals, i’ll just leave you with a teaser as i want to do a proper outfit post soon with them. You know how shoes make people happy? Every time i look at these they make me think of summer and i can’t wait to wear them haha I’M SO SAD.
any questions?! ask here!