True Colours

(Grey Suede 8hole Dr.Martens, Original Black Leather 8hole Dr.Martens, Grey Suede Brogues, Black Patent Hi-Tops, Grey Suede Moccasins, Black Patent Brogue/Winklepickers, Black Patent Gladiator Sandals)

So after thinking long and hard about my shoe collection i have realised i have the option between grey and black…….WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! And if it’s grey they must be suede, i have serious issues. I have some plimsolls too but they’re all black! In the next few months i must concentrate on branching out and maybe purchase a shoe that isnt black/grey…. maybe white? Then again, i’d be too scared to wear them because nothing i own is white. Brown!? But brown offends me and it’s so dull, i’ve been forever buying dull coloured shoes that one day i’ll go totally crazy and buy a pair of mint green shoes?! I hope so anyway.