Tough Love

Long Length Oxford Shirt – ASOS / Sleeve Garters – ASOS /
 Coated Spray on Skinny Jeans – Topman / Platform Brogues – eBay
I’m in love with ASOS own brand right now, their long length pieces are so awesome and they keep bringing new ones out every week, they’re such good basic pieces for every guys wardrobe. The shirt was only £22, is well made and is going to last me a long time – good investment. I don’t really have any white shirts that I really like, I have a Religion one but anything regular length now is seriously off putting – this ‘long length’ trend shouldn’t be a trend it should be the new norm. I don’t ever want to buy short length tops again – before the high streets cottoned on to the long length thing I remember making sure any T-shirt I ordered was at a length of at least 75cm just because anything else made me feel uncomfortable. 
And the sleeve garters are so awesome they make me feel like some kind of warrior. 
The weather has taken a turn for the worst and I realise that I will never be happy, 
sunshine or rain, 
I’ll always complain. 
Do you have a favourite white shirt? I feel like everyone of any gender will have a white shirt in the wardrobe somewhere? 
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