Top 5 Festival Essentials

Photography by Tom Buck

This post is in collaboration with ASOS and RewardStyle

What I’m Wearing In This post

Acid Wash Hoodie – ASOS* (click here)

Purple Long Sleeve Tee  – ASOS* (click here)

Short Shorts   – ASOS* (click here)

Purple Shades – ASOS* (click here)

Black Bum Bag – ASOS* (click here)

It’s that time of the year again when Festival Season is upon us, in the last decade Festival style has really come into its own.  From the big players like Coachella and Glastonbury to the little ones like Lost Village and Detonate. Each Festival has its own particular vibe and feel that you can either go along with or go against completely. That’s the beauty of festivals really, you can wear whatever you like and believe me, people do wear whatever they like haha.

I’ve teamed up with ASOS and Reward Style to give you my own Top 5 Festival Essentials for 2017.



5. Go Bright or Go Home

For me bright colours are one of the best things to have on at a festival, not only because they look great and can really help compliment your skin tone – they also allow your friends to spot you in a crowd of people, pretty sure there’s not going to be too many acid wash peach hoodies out there at the moment so pick something out of your comfort zone as a festival is the best place to try out new things.

4. Extra Shade

Sunglasses, Shades, Specs, whatever you want to call them you’re probably gonna need about 5 different pairs for a festival this year because they’re so easy to lose. Don’t take your most expensive pair, again with the bright colour scenario, try something a bit more out there and grab a few pairs of affordable shades.


3. Acid Wash/Tie Dye

Bleached hoodie, bleached shorts – you might as well go full throttle on this one and bleach your hair too. This is also a nice way to re-invent an older piece of clothing so that you can give it a new lease of life. Bleach an old hoodie, band tee or whatever you like OR if you’re lazy like me pick up one of these bleached pieces here.


2. Short Shorts

Obviously because Short Shorts are the most practical of all the shorts. They allow you to move freely, execute any type of dance move whilst at the same time cooling your entire body down. Also giving you a chance to show off those pins – it’s a win win really.


1. The Bum Bag

Probably the most useful of all festival essentials, the bum bag, the fanny pack, the banana bag. Everyone has a different name for it and too right they should because it can do so many things all at once. Holding all your valuables? Check. Giving your friends something to hold onto as you brave a crowd at main stage? Check. For resting your drink on when you have to raise your arms in the air to your favourite band? Check. I don’t think I would’ve survived the recent festivals I went to without a bum bag so do yourself a favour and snap one up now.