Till the World Ends

i dont even know what colour my hair is anymore, it changes everyday

I’ve had one of the busiest few weeks ever, writing essays on the deconstruction of music and theatre is not one of the funnest of activities in the world, but i got it done, just in time….the night before! Haha I do hope none of my lecturers read my blog. My ring collection makes me cream whenever i look at it, i’m just in love with shiny bits of metal, the clean cut lines, the structure, also when they do stuff it makes them much more exciting, kind of like a transformer from when you were a kid? I hardly ever get to wear most of them as we do a lot of practical work at uni and they would get in the way or even worse…. damaged. Nevertheless here are some strange pictures i took whilst bored one day. It’s getting sunnier which will probably go outside and take actual outfit posts one day?