Thinking I’m The Selby.



I’ve recently rearranged the furniture in my room and had a complete clearout of useless junk i do not need. You know when you’re feeling a little bit funny, abit not like yourself? I felt like that and the best thing to do is change something! something to make you feel like you again. Something people seem to mention in my room is the lack of photos on the walls, I tend to not covered my walls in photos, i prefer to display clothes, they remind of where i was when i got them, where i’ve worn them, who i’ve worn them with, where they were made, who owned them before me, where in the world they have been, i could go on and on. So here, i give to you my room. Recently i’ve been listening to Iamamiwhoami, Jonna lee is so intruguing, i just want to learn more and more about her, the whole concept of iamamiwhoami is genius and their music is so relaxing/entrancing! Check it out.