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What I’m Wearing

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Rhude Shirt – Click Here

Saint Laurent Denim – Click Here

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Like I’ve said time and time again, I’m not one to dictate what trends people should and shouldn’t wear. I believe personal style is exactly as described ‘personal’ and is different to each and every one of us. I’ve partnered up with Flannels to give you my own summer trends, what I’ll be wearing for the warmer months and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe if you like it too.

It’s Party Time

My first trend – a classic summer staple for me the revere collar shirt is the perfect option for a day in the sun. They’re so easy to wear and come in so many different patterns/colours. I feel like a lot of guys think they can only wear a t shirt and shorts in summer but a revere collar shirt and a lightweight pair of trousers is a great option for when you want to elevate your summer style. The shirt i’m wearing in this post is from Rhude and you can cop it here.


Dad Vibes

As of late I find my eyes wandering to the ugliest chunky sneakers on the ground only to find that they’re attached to a 60 year old male tourist who’s probably wearing them for health reasons. Chunky sneakers, oversized sweatshirts, looser fitting denim – I often feel like I look like I’m about to take the kids to football practice. Just give me an SUV and I’d look the part. In this dad look I’ve got an oversized denim jacket to top it all off – it’s a more relaxed way of dressing that is actually so so comfortable. I’m definitely more about comfort in the way that I dress and so what if I look like a dad, who cares?

Read All About it

Logo mania is bigger than ever and Guccis newspaper print brings it to a whole new level, allover prints are a feast for the eyes and in summer we should take full advantage of this. I often do find myself shying away to darker items of clothing, more plain pieces but I think summer is the time to break out of your habits and try something new, as long as you feel comfortable and it’s in your own way then it your confidence will shine through – all over. No pun intended.

So I can Shuffle

My friends don’ think it’s cool but I’m absolutely obsessed. You know when you see a typical British lad at a UK Dance festival who’s tied his sweatshirt around himself in a crossbody format so that he can shuffle to his hearts content. That’s what I want to look like. I’m taking my jackets, sweatshirts ,whatever has long sleeves and tying it around my body because I think it looks cool, ok?! Did it with aa Gucci jacket here and I’m feeling it.

Just a little Touch

I’ve never worn this much jewellery in my life and I can’t get enough of it. Multiple rings, bracelets, layering necklaces and pendants. It’s actually so much fun to do and really puts a personal twist on any outfit. They’re conversation starters and something you can fiddle with when you’re bored. In fact I often use my necklaces as something to hold onto when I’m nervous and/or dancing. A Win win?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my own personal summer trends – let me know your own personal summer trends in the comments below and thanks for stopping by!Tren