Slime Varsity – Katie Eary
Shark tee – Givenchy
Biker jeans – Virginblak
Studded Backpack & Foxtail Keyring – Ebay
Double platform Creeper boots – Ebay

Still going strong at University, lots of work to be done, i just can’t wait to complete my degree. After 2 and a half years you kind of get bored of a place? However i do love it here and will be sad to leave. I’ve got until May though so i must make the most as i’ll never get this kind of student/uni lifestyle ever again. ^______^ ENOUGH ABOUT LIFE THOUGHTS. I need a haircut. Is that still a life thought?
Also been thinking about dying my hair again but i kind of like my natural colour?!
It’s been too cold to leave the house without my parka, but on this day, the sun was shining and it was a chance to charge up my Katie Eary Slim Varsity Jacket! (The vinyls are glow in the dark!@@££!@$) I’m so excited for  South Korea, It’s less than 4 weeks away!!  i fear that i may come back with too many things? or nothing at all? IM SCARED. I’m gonna have to make a whole load of space on my camera and take pictures of EVERYTHING! As one of my favourite bloggers Sofie from the milk club (here) said to me ‘be sure to blog about it TONS so i can live vicariously through you!’ ^_____^ I WILL DO!!! 
Also, blog post coming up with a DIY experiment given to me by Darkside Clothing! Not my kind of style at all but i love a challenge! 
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