Hey everyone! How’s your weekend going? better yet, how was your Valentines day?! Me and my boyfriend don’t really celebrate valentines day – it just seems like a waste of money, we’re saving up to go away later this year, plus we do nice things for each other all the time etc. But it’s lovely for people who want to celebrate it! 🙂 
I got these cool pieces from a brand called Maniere De Voir, all their pieces are dark with interesting cuts/texture. The Phantom jacket has a zip all the way down the back and comes really long at the front, even the hood zips in two! The leather effect joggers also have biker ribbing on the knees – although i had to keep pulling them up because I feel much better when pants are hugging my legs haha! 
I’m also using my MiPac backpack ,it’s a bit smaller than my Represent one and really convenient. I had a haircut today too haha so there you go! 🙂 
Currently editing my new YouTube video which should be up very soon, It’s a ‘Get Ready With Me’ type video – so you’ll get to see me as soon as I’ve hopped out of the shower haha!
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Have a lovely Sunday! If you have any questions just ask! 🙂 @Gallucks