Stupid Hoe

I made that .gif for chinese new year but forgot to post it U_U’ but there you are anyway! =^_^=
Check out these cupcakes me and my friend amy got today from The Swallow Bakery in town, i had a vanilla one (it got squished in the box :'( ) and Amy got a carrot cake one :’) They were both insanely delicious. Everyone that visits me down south is now going to get a customary trip to the swallow bakery! eh eh.

I made a new layout for my blogshop and i’m going to be posting more items soon! check it out here! – let me know if you encounter any problems/questions with it by emailing me – gallux@hotmail.co.uk

I’m off to work now, it’s karaoke tonight U_U which probably means a headache for me, then tomorrow morning its post-structural skills class (yay) then me and my friends are off to High Wycombe for the weekend for my friends 21st birthday! ( Happy Birthday Gracie ^__^ )