Studs and Spikes

Deep Red Hoodie -Haberdashery Shop, Sleeveless Denim Shirt – Urban Outfitters,
Black Jumper -Haberdashery Shop

Gold Cone Studs – Ebay

Gold Spikes -Taken from a belt

Gold Pyramid Studs – Ebay
I just got together all the pieces i’ve customised over the past few weeks, anymore and i’ll have a collection! haha. I have no idea why all the studs and spikes are gold, magpie tendencies i guess. These are just small scale projects that have only taken me afew hours or less. I really want to do a GARGANTUAN project but first i need to find money to purchase ALOT of spikes. All you really need is something sharp to pierce your material and alot of spare time ( in my case revision hours are used as clothing DIY hours). Everytime i wear one of these people at college always ask me “How do you do that?!”, “Can you make me one!?” Who knows, maybe this could grow into a small business? But right now i have to revise for my A-Levels so i can move down south and have my own life, okay?