Stuck in a Rut? How To Break Free

Stuck In a Rut? How to Break Free

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I often find myself stuck. Stuck for ideas, stuck for outfits, stuck for what I want to eat for breakfast. When you really sit and think about it, life is a game of decisions. Choice after choice after choice. Quite a lot of the time us humans can’t process a decision. I think we can all say that we have no idea what the hell to watch on Netflix most of the time. Constantly flicking through title after title, we have so much choice in our lives. Although we are extremely lucky and fortunate to have all of this choice, all of these options – it’s okay to not know what you want sometimes.

For me the most annoying kind of rut that I get stuck in is when it comes to content. If you also create content then you’ll know what I mean – video ideas, blog post ideas, what to post on Instagram. Ideas are hard work and they don’t come easily however easy it may appear. I’ve just come back from a holiday where I had time to sit and think about what I want to write about, what I want to create and what I love to do. I think time away and a little bit of a break is essential when you’re stuck in a rut so I’ve written 5 things to do when you yourself are stuck in a rut and hopefully they will help you like they helped me.

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Get Inspired

I think this is one of the most important things when you’re stuck in a rut. You need to be inspired. I get inspired by anything and everything, blogs, clothing, architecture, spaces.  I think space is the one that helps me the most, if I’m in a space that doesn’t inspire me – not a lot happens. I’ve said it time and time again but surround yourself with likeminded individuals. Curate your bedroom to be just how you want it or go outside and sit in a place that you love to be in. Your mind works a lot better when it doesn’t have any distractions and you can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

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Focus on the Little Things

Impossible tasks can be made possible, you just have to break them down into bitesize amounts. Take a big task and divide into sections, what is priority? what can wait until last? start small and keep going, eventually the big task will be complete and it will have flown by. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with this simple step.



Improve yourself, thoroughly research a topic, learn something new, get a new haircut, try a new place for dinner just do anything that makes you feel better like a more upgraded version of yourself. I feel so much more energised once I’ve had a fresh haircut for example. Even silly little things like trying new shampoo or a new pair of socks will boost you up a bit! You Version 1.0 might not have felt up to the challenge but You Version 2.0 certainly can.

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Forget About Perfection

Make mistakes, I can’t stress how important this step is. You can’t be perfect all the time and it’s important to remember that. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start so make every day count and try to not make the same mistake twice but learn from what’s happened in the past. You never know, the time where something isn’t perfect might be the best way you’ve ever done it. I’m not saying to do the task half-heartedly but just loosen the strings a little and have fun with it. ( it sounds like I’m talking about something dirty but I’m really not haha)


Go Away

Sometimes we need to leave something be and come back to it with fresh eyes. Close your laptop for a couple of hours, take a walk, go on a trip. Escape what you’re stuck on and whilst your away the idea might creep slowly into your mind. When stuck in a rut, if you’re focusing on something that just isn’t there, like a blog post for example – just forget about it. It will come to you eventually I promise.


I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you’re stuck in a rut in the comments below, maybe I can give you some ideas or maybe you can tell us your methods of getting un-stuck. As always thanks for stopping by.