(taken by Ashaley-ley Baptise)
Church Print Symbol Tee – KTZ
Denim Shorts – Levis
Foxtail – ebay
Marble wing trainers – Jeremy scott x Adidas 
Okay so this is from London fashion week in september as the weather has been shocking recently and i haven’t had chance to take any new images, my friend took this of me and i’ve only just remembered to post it :3! I also made a .gif using the KTZ heart symbol =^.^= ! PS. How awesome is that womans Givenchy tee behind me?!

It’s strange how much has changed since september, i’ve gone through so much change its ridiculous.

It’s technically 11 days to go until Seoul but before that…. it’s 9 days until Christmas? I haven’t even started christmas shopping yet! I love giving gifts to others, i think more personal, thought-out gifts are the best. Not the most expensive, or the biggest but thoughtful, maybe even handmade? What gifts do you get for family members?

Hope you’re all okay, drop me a comment and say hello ^o^ !