Things to Do In London for Mens Fashion Week

Things to do In London For Mens Fashion Week

All Images Taken in the Mondrian London – (click here)*

All Luggage Featured is The Carry-On by AWAY – (click here)*

As we come to the end of our first LFWM, London Fashion Week Mens (no longer called LCM – London Collections Men) I wanted to take a step back and give you some advice about London for the next season. I must say we’ve come a long way from having a Mens day added onto the end of Womens Fashion Week to now a whole 4 day extravaganza all of our own, although I don’t agree with the seasonal approach to designers shows I do appreciate the recognition that Mens Fashion Week has been given in the last few years.

I myself have seen a dramatic elevation in everything to do with mens fashion over the past few years, from high-end to high street, from street style to runway shows and perhaps my favourite thing about mens fashion week – presentations. I’m really proud of everyone who’s involved and would like to say thanks to the BFC for inviting me along as an accredited blogger this season.

If you’re looking to visit Mens Fashion Week I’ve put together my own guide to what I think are the best things to do in London during LFWM. Just an FYI as I get asked this a lot If you’re looking to attend shows you have to individually contact each designer by email to request a ticket to their show. Even if you apply to attend LFWM as a blogger this will not give you access to any shows, just the designer showrooms. Any other Fashion week related questions just ask in the comments below!

Best Hotel

I’ve stayed at quite a few hotels in Central London over my years living here, Staycations if you will. I have to say though the Mondrian is by far the best I’ve stayed in. For me there are a few key factors in making a hotel stay great. Design, Hospitality and efficiency – hotels for me are an escape, a luxe dream world that’s super convenient but also a place where you can fully unwind. The Mondrian ticked all the boxes, the lobby, restaurants, bars and rooms were all beautifully designed as you can see from the images. The staff were extremely attentive and were willing to help with any request no matter how big or small. Everything ran smoothly, if someone said they were going to do something , they did it. It’s really close to 180 Strand ( where mostly all of LFWM happened this season)  so for me it was the best place to stay. You can check rates for next LFWM here.

Best Luggage

I’m not sure if you have me on snapchat or not (username is gallucks btw) but I had a colossal amount of luggage with me this season. Whether you’re coming from the other side of the planet (or 30 minutes down the road) You’re still going to need some great luggage to transport your fashion week equipment and outfits. For me, AWAY is the best luggage out there at the moment in terms of efficiency. It’s the same points as before really – design, all black, so yes. Hospitality, it can fit so much inside for such a small suitcase, this is only the carry-on size as well. Efficiency – it has a USB socket under the handle so that you can charge your phone on the go, if that’s not what makes a great suitcase then idk what does. You can check out AWAY and all their cases here

Best Drink

If it’s been a long day of running around London to see shows then you might, just might want a hard drink at the end of the day. I’d suggest hitting up Radio Rooftop Bar. With incredible views and equally incredible cocktails this is definitely the place to unwind. Make sure you’re looking presentable though as it’s quite a fancy establishment.

Best Stores

Last minute outfit change? Looking for a fresh pair of sneakers? Selfridges is probably the ultimate one stop shop to get everything you could possibly need for fashion week. From Gucci to Addias they have pretty much every brand under one roof, you can also get a massage, get a haircut or eat a big bowl of ramen. Check out what’s on offer here. I’ve included a small selection of my current favourites below.

Best Way To Get Around

One word. Uber. TFL might have a problem with it but I believe that if taxis were to be invented today then Uber is what they’d come up with. It makes perfect sense for me and I’m not sure why Mini Cab Drivers don’t just hop on board and become a part of Uber themselves. It’s convenient, It’s friendly, It’s efficient, It’s affordable and the cars smell great. Uber is seriously my lifeline and helped me get to and from shows this season, also home when there was a tube strike. *eyeroll emoji* If you’ve not yet signed up to Uber then you can use my code ‘uh839’ to get £10 off your first ride. I used to have a code ‘gallucks’ but I’m not sure if it still works!

Best Restaurant

For me, On the Bab is my favourite restaurant in that area of central London, in fact maybe in all of London. Korean Street food is the ultimate meal and it’s only a short walk from 180 strand. The Wellington street branch boasts classics such as Bim Bim Bap, On the Rice and On the Buns but also offers new variations such as Korean Style Burrito and YangYum Chicken. You can check out their menu here.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas for things that you can do in and around LFWM next time around, thank you to AWAY and The Mondrian for having me over Mens Fashion week and if you have any questions just ask below.