The Snow Ball

Amys Shoulder Embellishment

Katies’ Armour Dress

Issabelles Silk Embellished Dress
Black Wool Peacoat – Topman, White Sheer Shirt – H&M,
Cropped Tapered Trousers – New Look, 8-Hole Lace Ups – Dr Martens

Antique Brooch – Virginblak, Fang Ring – Topman

To celebrate my house-mates 21’st birthday we went to the Snow Ball at our university, the dress code was smart but I didn’t want to wear a suit and tie. First of all I don’t own a suit or a tie and second of all I find suits and ties offensive to men, why when people think of mens clothing do they think of suits and ties?! Gah! The women of the house wore colourful dresses with embellishments and texture, with accessories and amazing shoes, not saying that i want to wear colourful dresses and high heels but mens clothing has so many boundaries it’s ridiculous, I dress in dark colours because I like them but men should not be restricted to just the suit and tie option. I picked out some more formal items from my wardrobe and ended up with this outfit, it may not be the smartest but I felt comfortable and still felt like myself. Oh and i love febreeze. I’m back in Manchester now and it makes me realise how much I do miss it, any questions you want to ask me just send to my tumblr ask (here) and any interesting ones I’ll post on here!
(Thanks to Issabelle, Amy and Katie for letting me take pictures of their clothes and thank you for reading! )