White T-shirt – OPEN / Phantom Shorts – Aeon Elysium / Socks and Sneakers – Nike /
 Faux Leather Cap – ASOS / Space Ankh Necklace – OS Accessories
I just got back from London and It’s insane how much I miss it, a little trip full of the best people and my favourite things will keep me sane for a bit longer up here in the north (I feel like I’m north of the wall or something). Thanks to my friend Olivia for doing the outfit shots again! ^.^ 
I recently received this white tee from a new upcoming menswear brand OPEN (here), the tee is good quality and came in an awesome box (which I’ll upload to Instagram soon because you have to see it!). 
I don’t have a lot of pure white clothing but It showcases the amazing OS accessories Space Ankh perfectly which is my favourite thing ever, my OS collection is growing bigger and bigger and it makes me so happy. Check out the Space Ankh which is now on sale here
Although I’m enjoying the sunshine and dressing (a bit) summery. I’m dreaming of layering up and all my winter wardrobe which I can’t wait to start wearing again. 
How’s everyones week going?!