Show me your teeth

Sleeveless Denim Shirt – Urban Outfitters

1cm Gold Pyramid Studs – Ebay

Inverted Cross

Yesterday afternoon i was so hot from the English heat wave at the moment, i crept into my cool bedroom and became incredibly bored. I saw a pack of studs i had ordered awhile ago and decided to get creative! I’d seen afew ideas on lookbook, people putting safety pin crosses on their shirts and similar things. I decided to put an inverted cross on the back of my Sleeveless Denim Shirt, it has larger pyramid studs on the front on each shoulder, you may have seen it in previous posts! I just counted out my studs and used a ruler and a pen to mark out my cross. Hey presto! Religious people will be giving me evils in the streets in no time! Although i am atheist, if any person believes this to be a symbol of satan they are not a very good christian as it’s the cross of ‘St.Peter’. Not that i believe ANY of it, just saying.