Shopping Problems – Ways to Shop Better

Shopping Problems Ways to Shop Better

Photography by Michaela Tornaritis

What I’m Wearing

Longsleeve Rollneck – Granted (click here)

Printed Overcoat – Fabrixquare (similar click here)

Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans – ASOS (click here)

Exaggerated Sole Sneakers – Alexander McQueen (click here)

Shopping – as a facilitator of shopping myself, encouraging others to buy clothes or showing you brands that you might not have known before I’d like to take some time to talk about the act itself. I’ve just launched a new page here on my blog where you can shop my Instagram feed. Making it even easier for you guys to shop what I’m wearing (you can find it here). I myself actually hate shopping in person, I rarely buy things irl but I do like to have a good look around stores now and again, however my weakness occurs when I come home. Things that I see in stores I’ve already seen online, I was talking about this on twitter the other day and I know exactly what I want before I even go into a shop. I also already know what stock they will have because I’ve researched it online already. Which made me think – do I have a shopping problem?

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and actually started reading up on it, the most common signs of being a shopaholic are

  1. You purchase pieces that you don’t need or didn’t plan to buy.
  2. Frustration or arguments give you an urge to shop.
  3. You try to hide your shopping habits.
  4. You get anxious when you don’t shop.
  5. You have tagged items in your closet that you don’t wear.


And after thinking about these points I can safely say

  1. I never purchase pieces that I didn’t plan to buy – every purchase is thought over for days on end.
  2. When I’m frustrated or get into an argument I seek relaxation, I know retail therapy can actually help but I would never take out my frustration out on my bank balance.
  3. I definitely do not hide my shopping habits, in fact I make them extremely public. Instagram, YouTube etc – everybody knows haha.
  4. I don’t feel anxious about not shopping.
  5. I wear everything that’s in my closet and if I don’t I either give it to charity or sell it on Depop or Uniform.

So In fact after mulling things over for awhile I came to the conclusion that I don’t have a shopping problem, I do however have a very strange approach to shopping…..

  1. I know exactly what kind of pieces I want and fine comb the internet until I find them.
  2. I weigh up the cost and how much I will wear the piece and think long and hard before I make a purchase.
  3. I think to myself, do I have any other pieces like it, should I sell my older version and upgrade to this new style?
  4. Should I not buy this and put the money towards my savings?
  5. If I can’t stop thinking about the piece and it’s eating me up inside then I eventually make the purchase.
  6. It I’m not happy with it when it arrives I send it straight back (the beauty of online shopping).


What I’ve realised is that Shopping problems can be difficult, you might feel like you don’t have the money or you shouldn’t spend the money. I think all it takes is some thoughtful planning and you can eventually have the wardrobe of your dreams and not feel guilty about it. I’d like to make a conscious effort to help you guys shop better, to think first before taking the plunge. So for 2017 I’d like to be even more helpful and offer you even more alternatives especially to higher priced items because I know that not everyone can afford it.

I’d love to invite you to look at your own shopping habits, you can do what I did and make lists or just think about it, either way it would be great to hear your thoughts on shopping in the comments below.