Seven Devils

Oversized ‘Death is not the End’ Tee Courtesy of Oh Hell

Over my reading week i did a shoot with Oh Hell for their online store, check it out here. They’re a Manchester based company that do some sweet clothing and jewellery. This tee is extremely oversized and baggy, it’s purrrrrfect. ^___^

I am in serious need of a new pair of trousers that i can wear all the time, i can never decide on clothes though, it takes me months and months to choose the right ones! bah! Someone asked me recently how often i buy clothes and i can’t even remember the last item of clothing i bought. All i know is i’ve had some of the clothes i still wear for 4 or more years. I don’t understand it when people buy clothes all the time, you don’t need to wear a different outfit everyday. I see clothes as more of an investment.