Seoul Purchases

Tee – Givenchy
Leather Biker Coat – Spicy Color
Langston Boot – Dr.Martens
Inspired by Koreans sophisticated style, this outfit is my favourite right now. Me and the colour black have been reacquainted ^___^. Plus the Oil Dr.martens are like a dream O_O! 
I finally get back from -15 temperatures with snow and ice and what happens?…. It snows in England. U_U. So today im rehearsing my Kawaii solo performance from home whilst attempting to tackle dissertation work. 
I’m so excited for next week though, i’m heading to London to see my friends and meet Sofie from The Milk Club!!! (here). I’ve read her blog for as long as i can remember >___< and i cannot wait! 
More Seoul Diary updates to come…! How’s everyone doing? 🙂