Seoul Purchases 2

Shark Mermaid Hoodie – Givenchy
Grey Horn Baseball Cap
Leather Clutch
Joyrich Notebook and Keyring
Tiger Sweatshirt – Kenzo
Church Print Leggings – KTZ
First of all I’m ILL. what is life. I never get ill?! Thought i’d share with you my final Seoul purchases ^__^! 
 So much University work to be done also, i’m currently writing my dissertation on Fashion shows x Performance art. Any views you have on the topic would be greatly appreciated! Also i’m now a director for my final module i have to create a piece of theatre with 4 wonderful 1st years with me as their director. The piece is drawing inspiration from Die Antwoord, Minju Kim and Junji Ito, exciting! 
More Seoul updates to come i promise! 
I just ordered some wonderful shorts to go with the KTZ leggings i picked up in Seoul, i’ve been dying to wear them for ages! 
Oh also I’m going to Holland/Amsterdam with my friends next week, i’m so excited! 
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