Seoul Diary: Shopping Part 2

BOY + in Apgujeong
BOY + in Apgujeong
BOY + in Apgujeong
Japanese restaurant in Hongdae
Style Nanda in Hongdae
Daniel Palillo stocked in Style Nanda! 

Getting Streetstyled in Garosugil
Studio Ghibli floor in Hongdae

I may have purchased the 2NE1 wand…

Thought i’d do a visual diary of some shopping in Seoul, It’s nearly been a month since i’ve been back in the UK and i still miss it so much. Time has flown by,I met Sofie from The Milk Club, i performed my Solo performance かわいい in the showroom last week, my friends Dodo and Randa came to watch then we had a lovely weekend together (outfit posts soon!) And i still have so much of Seoul to post! GAHHH, i wish there were more hours in the day. 
It’s only a few months until i finish university and i have two options, move to London or travel Asia
Message me on tumblr if you have any questions about Seoul or anything etc.  Ask Here.