Seoul Diary: Shopping Part 1

Parka – H&M
Shark Tee – Givenchy
Motocross Sweatpants – Jeremy Scott x Adidas
Wings 2.0 Marble – Jeremy Scott x Adidas

Girls Generation Pop up store! 
Most of the images in this post are from shopping in the Myeong-dong area. Whilst i was in Seoul i kept noticing the same Husky everywhere, he kept appearing again and again, in shop windows, adverts, plushies and i even picked up some stickers with him on. He first appeared on a show called ‘Gag Concert’ aired on sunday evenings in Korea. Then he just kind of took over? Appearing in commercials and selling hundreds of thousands of plushies! He is so cute though ^___^ and with my husky obsession i became hooked aha. 
If you ever go to Seoul you must try the street food, there are so many different foods to try and all of it tastes amazing, though most of it is spicy! But i love that! aha 
In the magazine stores all of the magazines are plastic wrapped so you can’t read them in the store?!?! I wasn’t quite sure what i was purchasing at the time but Maps and Looktique were definitely the right decision. (Considering Looktique then streetstyled me in Gangnam afew days later?!?!). 
And finally the Girls Generation Pop up store was at the Young Plaza in Myeong-dong, K-pop was blasting through the speakers all the time with the latest MV’s being shown. Everything was so colourful and fun but i’m not that big of a Girls Generation fan so i didn’t purchase anything. 
I recently performed my Solo performance that I’d been working on since before christmas, it went really well but not as planned! Aha, i’ll explain more in my next post. 
Also my friends Randa and Dodo came to visit me this weekend and now they’ve gone and i miss them <3 nbsp="" p="">

Hope everyone is okay!
Any questions, just ask! 
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