Seoul Diary: Schiphol

 Currently blogging from Amsterdam, Schiphol airport! ^___^ I drove me and my friend Joanne to London yesterday and then my friends Dodo and Randa came to see me which was awesome as i’ve not seen them since LFW in september! D: !! We had a takeaway and chatted about Korean things ! 
Me and Joanne got up at Cray’o’clock this morning and traveled through to the otherside of London where we caught our plane to Amsterdam, now currently waiting for the 10 hour flight to Seoul :3 So close i can taste it! aha
Wearing a full on Jeremy Scott look >_<  SO COMFY!! 

I’m like a power station right now, got my laptop on charge with my ipod and iphone charging from my laptop aha xD. Me and Joanne fell asleep in the internet lounge and thought we needed an adaptor but there was an english plug right next to us the whole time. U_U …… erm…. aha.

Joanne is now getting restless and wishes to shop… ^_^.

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