Seoul Diary : New Years Eve

On New Year’s Eve in Seoul we had so many options, clubbing, watching the Gong, heading 3 hours out of Seoul to watch the sunrise with fireworks on the beach, bearing in mind it’s like -15 out here O_O. Aha we just wanted a chilled evening , some nice food, Afew drinks and then celebrating the countdown together.

We headed to Anam for Korean hot pot which was delicious, you wait for the soup to boil and throw in vegetables, meat, dumplings, all sorts ^_^ it was awesome! Then off to a bar in Myeongdong , the bars here have booths for your friends to sit in with a sliding door for private drinking! They should have this in England aha we played Korean drinking games with a whole load of Soju. Also in Korea it’s normal or even mandatory to purchase food whilst drinking! It’s great aha and makes you tolerate your alcohol and not be a hilarious drunken mess in 20 minutes like the English.

As the countdown got closer we headed to an event near the City hall area, we watched the gong on giant screens then listened to a Korean celebrity perform strange renditions of English songs.Wonderful.

Then. one word. 노래방 . Noraebang!!! Basically karaoke but on an awesome level. We did this for hours, singing k-Pop, chart hits and golden oldies. I think Kanye West – Gold digger is now my signature karaoke song?

I have posts coming up including shopping in Seoul, dog cafe, another cat cafe and a Korean spa!!! Gahhhh hope every one had a happy new year!

I don’t wish to come back from Seoul, it kicks England’s ass! But i do miss my friends ! I only have 4 days left here, I’ll see you all soon!!!! ^___^

PS. I’ve posted this from my phone (first time!) so it might be abit messed coding wise aha.