Seoul Diary: First Day

Han River :3 


Joanne, Me and Danielle
After flying for what felt like 10000000 hours, we finally landed at Incheon International Airport. I’ve realised that i am too tall for airplanes and need extra leg space always >_< i just couldn’t get comfy at all! So i am now feeling very jet-lagged and still wide awake which is wrong as it is 00.32 here and 15.32 in England? Aha. FML.

But yes as soon as we got here we took the subway to Danielles flat which took like an hour and a half?! The airport is so far away D: ! Danielle being the good host that she is fed us ramen and let us shower/nap for abit then, ate at a japanese restaurant after that we headed to Myeong-dong to meet Danielles boyfriend and his family for coffee ^_^. 

Being here is so awesome, its a completely different lifestyle, all the Koreans dress so smart and well and every things open all the time 😀 ! I took a picture of one of the plastic surgery posters i saw D: it’s shocking to me how normal plastic surgery is? I dont think i’ve actually processed everything yet as we just came back from looking around Myeong-dong abit so many shops and things to do, a whole day or two will be needed to properly explore the area :3 
Tomorrow we are going sightseeing, temples etc and maybe a trip to Dongdaemun market :3!! 
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now i must sleep Z_Zzzzzzzzz……..!