Seoul Diary: Dongdaemun

Yesterday we woke up too late to go to the palaces so Danielle took us to Dongdaemun – shopping heaven! The malls there are open 9am – 4am O_O…… IT’S INSANE! We shopped for like 8 hours and managed to conquer 4 malls. One restaurant and one smoothie ^_^ (and maybe a korean Mcdonalds! where they gave me a glass?!!?)  The malls were like markets with expensive designer replicas EVERYWHERE. Nod to my new Jeremy Scott-esque hoodie with ‘SUPREME’ label inside aha :’).  All of the shop owners are eager for you to purchase from them and will tell you ‘MADE IN KOREA’ ‘CASH DISCOUNT!’ ‘ONLY ONE LEFT!’ Apart from the lack of menswear and my arms being too long for ANYTHING, We had a good day.

When it comes to shopping, Koreans go HARD. It’s unbelievable. I spotted lots of replicas amongst the malls, Givenchy, KTZ, comme des garcons and Jeremy scott seem to be the favourites…! It’s like Heaven aha. But everything is too small >_< ! WHY AM I 6ft 2?!!?

It was only the first proper day so i’m holding back on the purchasing front, im starting to build a collection of presents/souvenirs for people back home ^_^.

Danielle is fully stocked on the nicest Oreo cereal ^_^ praised by me and Joanne.

OKAY off to palaces now ^_^ Byeeeee!

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