Seoul Diary: Dog Cafe

The Dog cafe near Anam was possibly the cutest thing EVER! As opposed to the rude cats that get too much attention, the dogs just want more and more all the time. At points you’d have 2 or 3 dogs all lay on your lap! All the dogs were like little balls of nice scented fluff bouncing around. You can purchase abit of food to feed the pups but as soon as they see that container they give you, they all run at you and start jumping up at you! The best one by far was the big white one in the first image, it was so well behaved and cuddly. The way it ate from your hand was so gentle aswell. The two dip dye dogs were also awesome and the pug loved to but his paw on everyones shoulder! Aha 
Definitely alot more interesting than the cat cafe! 
(however i did go to another cat cafe that was so much better than the first one, post coming soon!!)
I went to liverpool for my friends 21st last night and now i have 2 days at home before heading back to university! Wooo…. U_U really dont want to go back. Seoul has made me question English lifestyle (even more so than before?) Blehhh.