Seoul Diary: Changdeokgung Palace

It’s hard to keep up with blogging because i’m so busy enjoying seoul/eating/sleeping! ^_^ But the other day we visited Changdeokgung Palace! It was beautiful :3 All the palaces however are replicas as the originals were burnt down during the war 🙁 so sad! The snow, the icicles and the palace were so picturesque ^____^. 
BTW It’s Minus 12 degrees right now with winds of minus 20…. So that’s why were super wrapped up! aha :’) Also included is a picture of my bi bim bap and ramyun lunch :’) Which i’ve now had quite afew more times. Big fan of the bi bim bap 😛 even before Korea aha. 
I’ll update again later as i’ve done so much since this! O__O It’s like a big backlog of AWESOME. aha
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